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Calculate Tax on your Salary Income, Plan your Financial Goals, Child Education and Marriage

Calculate Tax on Salary

It's very easy to see what shall be the tax on your salary income after all your exemptions under various sections. Plan your goals including funds for child education and marriage

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Get Unbiased Financial Planning and Advice. Ask for Will Drafting. Use Online Locker. Explore More Now !

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Our Certified Financial Planners will help you with unbiased & comprehensive financial planning and will drafting. Ask them any question on your money. Store copies of important financial documents online


Do You

  • Always worry about your Money, Finances and Investment ?
  • Know how much money you need for your Children Education / Marriage Fund ?
  • Know how much money you need to invest for a Comfortable Retirement ?
  • Have a plan to fulfill all your Financial Goals ?
  • Plan your Taxes Efficiently ?

And if you have planned any of above, then what Asset Allocation and Investment Opportunities (Insurance policies / Mutual Funds / FD's / Pension plan) or even Loans etc. will work best for you ?

Chances are that you would not have any plan on above and are waiting for some magic to happen !!!

Or are you relying on Insurance / Mutual Fund Agent or a Bank Relationship Manager, who while recommending above is more interested in selling you the product where he can make his maximum commission. Or recommends you a product because (s)he has a target to achieve in order to save his or her job or get a promotion.

My Money Planning

Will provide you with an unbiased and personalised plan to help you achieve all your Financial Goals. Most importantly we work independent and do not charge any commission and fees from any financial institution to sell or recommend their products. We recommend you only the best possible investment option that suits your requirements. We take care of all your Money and Financial Planning process and help you implement it.

Manage Your Money also provides you a unique online platform to manage and keep a record of your investments and money transactions, like Income, Expenses, Mutual Funds, Shares, Gold / Silver, Insurance Policies, Bank FD's, Bonds, Liabilities, Taxes, Goals, Will etc.

You also get an important feature like My Locker to store copies of all your investment and important documents online.

And If you have any questions related to your Money and Finance, our Money Uncle is always eager to help you.

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Rates & Interests

latest interest rates
Inflation WPI (April, 2015)-2.65%
Employee Provident Fund(2013-14)8.75%
P P F (effective 1st April,13)8.70%
NSC 10 Yr (effective 1st April,13)8.80%
Bank FD (Indusind Bank - 1-2 yrs)9.25%
Bank FD (Bank of India - 3 yrs)9.00%
Bank FD Sr Citizen (DCB-5 yrs)9.80%
NRO Bank FD (City Union-500 days)10.00%
Bank Saving Account4 - 6.0%
Home Loan Fx(SBI-25L/25 yrs)10.15%
Home Loan FL (ICICI-50L/25 yrs) 10.10%
Car Loan (UCO Bank - 5L/5 yrs)10.45%
Car Loan (Allahabad Bank-7L/3 yrs)10.70%
Personal Loan (UCO-5L/3 yrs)13.25%
Education Loan (SBI- 10L/7 yrs)11.75%
Credit Card (Interest charge)2.5-3%

Ask Money Uncle

ask any financial related question to our money uncle
Q. How can I increase returns on my investments?
A. First and foremost study carefully your options before investing. Secondly is Optimal Diversification. Also try to visit and if need be Rebalance your portfolio atleast once a year. And lastly look at Rupee Cost Averaging.

Q. which is the best mutual fund
A. In the Diversified category you may choose HDFC Top 200 or ICICI Focussed Blue chip

Q. what is money uncle
A. Money uncle helps you solve all your Financial Queries. You may ask any question to Money Uncle regarding your Finances, Taxes, Investments, WILLS, so on and so forth

Q. why will is important ?
A. It is important to clearly define how you wish to distribute your assets after you are no more. It avoids possibility of ambiguity and rift between your hiers

Q. In what cases a NRI is not required to file taxes in Inidia
A. It shall not be necessary for a non-resident Indian to furnish u/s 139(sub sec 1) a return of his income if (a) his total income in respect of which he is assessable under this Act during the previous year consisted only of investment income or income by way of long-term capital gains or both; and (b)the tax deductible at source under the provisions of Chapter XVII-B has been deducted from such income

Q. How do I check my Tax refund status ?
A. You can check your Tax refund status online by logging on to

Q. Can I check my credit worthiness beforehand before applying for a bank loan?
A. Besides looking at your profile, banks also look at your CIBIL report, that tells about the credit facilities already availed of by you such as any other loan, credit cards etc and your payback behavior and history. You can request your own CIBIL report by logging on to

Q. What is probation of the WILL?
A. Probate in simple terms means a decree passed by a competent court declaring the legality, correctness and genuineness of the Will of the deceased.

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HIGHLIGHTS FOR COMMON TAXPAYER DTC rates proposed to be introduced for personal income tax.

Income Tax Exemption limit for the ge More


Both men and women have now been brought under General category with income upto Rs 2,00,000 exempt from taxes.


The interest rate on Employees Provident Fund (EPF) savings for 2011-12 has been slashed down to 8.25% from earlier 9.50%, which will leave many salar More

Banks in India are set to offer higher interest rates to the fixed deposits placed by NRIs (Non Resident Indians).

The Reserve Bank of India  More

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1. What are the salient features of the Senior Citizens Savings Scheme, 2004?
The salient features of the S More

Deposit Schemes available for Non Resident Indians (NRIs)

Foreign Currency (Non-Resident) Account (Banks) Scheme [FCNR (B) Account]

1. What is KYC?

KYC is an acronym for - Know your Customer, a term used for customer identifi More